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Fuel bunkering
The main business of the company is the maintenance supply (fueling) of the vessels in the area of dense sea traffic of the Russian Far East. The company supplies fuel oil to the ports of Vladivostok, Vostochny, Nakhodka, Slavyanka, Zarubino, Posyet, river port of Khabarovsk. At present bunker and fuel transportation capacity of the company is about 300 thousands tons annually.

Fuel oil is supplied according to the customer request containing the instructions such as the name of the vessel, the port of bunkering, estimated dates of arrival and departure, the type and amount of the required fuel oil as well as the contacts of the shipping agent.

The market share of Pavino Shipping Company Ltd. is about 40% of the whole fuel oil industry of the Russian Far East. The company has the significant competitive power thanks to 3 own tankers and the possibility to operate additional tankers . The company is well-known and recognized among sea carriers. About 80% of the companys supplies are made for the leading international shipping companies and brokers.

Being the member of International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) and in closer cooperation with the worlds leading fuel suppliers, Pavino Shipping Company Limited can also provide the broker bunkering services in ports of Asia Busan, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as in other ports of South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.
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