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The team from Primorsky region succeeded in World Dragon Boat Club Crew Championships 2009
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
Primorsky region team boat showed the second result in Ulsan, Korea. According to ICF, the World Dragon Boat Club Crew Championships was held there. Among the competitors were teams from Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, the USA, England, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Spain.
Russian select team contending for the championship was made up of three teams: mens team Tigers of Vladivostok, womens team Dragon Fly and Vladivostok-FESTU the team of Far-Eastern State Technical University. The director of Pavino football club Stanislav Feoktistov and vice director of Pavino Shipping Co., Ltd. Valeriy Menshikov also competed as the members of the team.

According to the report of Physical education and Sport Department of Primorsky region, the Championship resulted in three silver medals in mixed races for Tigers of Vladivostok - Dragon Fly and one bronze, two silver medals and joined first place in mens race for FESTU-Vladivostok.

Remarkably that sportsmen from primorsky region are the most successful canoe racers and rowers among Russians. In Russia Primorsky region was the first to develop Dragon Boat racing, and from 1998 it became one of the most popular and really national sport. Not only professional racers, but also nonprofessionals compete. When the championship for Primorsky Governor cup is held, the corporate teams representing companies and universities are also welcomed to participate.

Racers from Primorsky region have numerous wins, particularly in Europe and World Championships.

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